Sensual Words

Sensual Words

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Sensual words that either turn you on or off!

Researching the level of erotic language men and women enjoy reading in sensual, romantic, erotic, fiction.

Indications are that men and women have different levels of language preferences (generally speaking). Specific feedback from open minded men and women (stating gender in reply). What language/words do you expect/want to read in sensual, romantic, erotic fiction. Which words turn you on and indeed which words turn you off? Thanks in anticipation of your reply. kind regards. DD
From: Sensual Reading Archive Articles with a selection of comments received

You don’t want to go there DD, believe me. Unless you restrict it to the ladies Mike St. Mark

Female Visitor: Hi! Books I have read with erotic content include in no particular order 1. Sexual life of Catherine Millet. 2. 100 strokes of the brush before bedtime. 3. Submission. 4. Girls – by Mike Kellman. 5. Belle de jour (intimate confessions of a London call girl). 6. Call me Elizabeth. All were read for the titillation factor but none particlarly stand out. Submission could be construed as more extreme than the others and “belle” was fun but the blurb on the jackets did not live up to the content inside. Just my opinion of course

Thanks Guy and Gal for the feedback. I understand what your saying Michael, but thats the point – I do want honest feedback – from both males and females! Don’t be shy! Research is research – the good, the bad and the…….kinky!
Interesting comment from eggbod…”read for the titillation factor but none particularly stand out” and “fun but the blurb on the jackets did not live up to the content”…… So what would you have liked to have seen that would have “stood out” for you? regards DD

Hi again D”Fuck” is a boring word the more it is used. I may fall into a gaping great cliche here but reading the Sexual life of Catherine Millet was so dull simply because it was just fuck, fuck, fuck. Whether reading fuck, fuck, fuck, or doing fuck, fuck, fuck (I’m not using the eff word gratuitously here merely getting across the dreary sameness). That’s a turn off. … E

I want to be inside you, I want you inside me, you make me wet, I have wanted to kiss you as soon as…, can I lick you, you came in my face, can I come on your belly?, (breath in my ear), you make me hard, I wanted to lift you up and slip my cock inside you, I don’t care if anyone’s watching, I don’t care if anyone hears you, you taste wonderful (I do!),let me take you from behind, turn over, I love to be on top of you, pull my hair, let me massage your feet, you have the most beautiful bum, do you have any idea how hot you are (whilst I am standing there covered in his cum),and now imagine a big cock rubbing against your arse, suck my balls, hold my wrists, go harder, faster, slap against me. … Sienna

As a man who has been round the block more times than the postman’s boots I have to say turnons depend very much on context. (The words “Janet Caldwell” always get me going these days though – I am going to send her here to read that!)
Turnoffs: tumescent and pulsating especially when linked with manhood or member, throbbing, heaving (more to do with larger and curry than breasts in my mind)all that sort of Harold Robbins rubbish. I once wrote in a scene in which a frustrated wife is being led into her first adulterous act “the tip of his tongue left a snail trail of saliva along her thigh.” I like things like that, unexpected. Who would think a snail trail could be used in an erotic context? Or maybe you would. cheers Ian

‘Throbbing member’ is so cliched…its straight from the Sun agony aunt columns.Makes me think of moustaches, veins and bad underpants. As for snail trail…really? Thats just obviously horrible! Just goes to show, different strokes and all that!

I really hate the word pussy…I hate it, have however now been sat here for a while trying to work out what it is about it that makes me roll my eyes if someone says it during sex. It’s like they have nicked it from a porn film and it doesn’t relate to me, they may as well be with anyones ‘pussy’.

I just love being made to feel desired…you know ‘You are one fucking sexy women’, ‘You are not going anywhere’, ‘I just have to look at you and I’m hard’, said cheekily,whilst giving my body a long look. And , just randomly, something always made me turn round, throw my clothes back off and resign myself for being late for work “BB, come back here, this bed is miserable without you”! As I said, different strokes …