Sensual Reading Welcome

Sensual Reading Welcome

Welcome to Sensual Reading Website.

An old year is almost at a close, and if you are anything like us, you’ll be opening your sensual window to another, hopefully more fulfilling, sensual New Year.

We’ve been enjoying a wonderful family holiday season, with the usual round of family visiting and us traveling to relatives, for food, drink and merriment.

That’s going to continue into the New Year of course, yet we’ve finally found and taken some time out of our far too busy schedules to spruce up this long neglected sensual reading space...

yes, go on, whip us!

We are so bad leaving it far too long!

… and we really do offer you our sincere apologies for having left you in the sensual darkness for this long!

sensual girl at windowOur neglect has not been from choice and it’s a lengthy non sensual story relating to our previous website content being stripped (you know who you are), along with some of our short sensual reading stories.

Regardless of our past challenges, we’ve decided that it’s about time we revisited our beloved Sensual Reading Website, dust it down by adding some archived articles and sensual stories, then spruce it up into the New Year.

We hope you’ll find something here over the coming weeks and months to whet your sensual appetite and inspire your sensual imagination.

Our Sensual Reading Book Store continues to be a busy first port of call. So of you are seeking a refined sensual pillow book, an erotic art book or erotica photography books, make that your first place to visit our hand picked selection of sensual reading books.