Sensual Readers

Below are a few of the titles that will be available on Amazon in digital format. If you don’t have a Kindle, you won’t miss out! You can still read our 2011 edition digital books on your computer, phone or even your iPad… See the range of Amazon Free Readers here.

The early pdf versions of our sensual short stories were well read by very many discerning sensual souls around the world and they weren’t shy about sending in their sensual feedback… a small selection of reader comments

Title: His Imaginary Shackles
Readers Comments:

“Very stimulating, virtually an erotic ‘how to do your man’ instruction manual”. Jane

“It certainly inspired my sensual imagination” Sue

Title: Her Imaginary Shackles
Readers Comments:

“Very stimulating. I could actually see and feel everything as it was described.” Jayne.

“A really hot read” Steven

Title: Folds Of Silk
Readers Comments:

“An erotic and exciting story. A sexy read for women who want to fantasize about same sex play.” Christine

“Brilliant for men to fantasise about too” Stephen

Title: WET
Readers Comments:

“A very sensual, sexy and enjoyable read” Anon

Title: Dinner Is On Me
Readers Comments:

I absolutely loved “Dinner is on me”. It was very sensual and allowed my imagination to take me places where I hadn’t been for a long while! Just by reading that ebook I have come up with several ways on how to spice up my love life and I can’t wait to get started…. Hope