Her Sensual Morning Shower

Her Sensual Morning Shower

sensual womanHer ‘Sensual’ Morning Shower

An extract from one of our early sensual stories

From: Sensual Reading Articles Archive with a selection of comments received

“The almost freezing downpour came as such a shock to her system; it made her jolt backwards a little to avoid the heavy gush from reaching her whole body. The drowsiness that had gripped her earlier was replaced with an abrupt awakening. Her skin was covered with goose bumps and her nipples stood to attention.

Erect, firm, hard, accompanied by the strange yet welcome sensation running from them down her body. Ignoring this as best she could she adjusted the water temperature quickly, testing it by placing her hand under the steadily heating stream, until it achieved the level of warmth she liked, before stepping under the shower head to soak her dishevelled locks.

Adding plenty of shower gel, she lathered her hair allowing the copious suds to slide down her neck, back, shoulders and chest. The gel was actually his favourite, not that she had given that any consideration when she picked it up, it was just the nearest one to hand and besides, she liked the smell as it reminded her of him.

This thought brought images of him into her mind and unlike the cold water removing the visions, the comforting warmth now engulfing her body, coupled with the aroma of the gel, his scent, heightened all of her senses including her imagination, sharpening her mental pictures of him. It was almost as if he was physically with her….”

Thank you very much for the free short story. It was rather, shall I say, enjoyable? Good luck with your new website it looks very interesting and I shall go back for another story. Very best wishes. AB

It’s what showers are made for !!
More more…R

I’ve always preferred showers to baths, now I know why…seriously though this blog is a great idea, life is about passion and Deanna portrays this in a very tasteful, well presented and readable way… LBiren

Passion.. ahh yes ..very essential!!

Lovely story ! Just what I needed to put me in a better mood after my old blog was evilly destroyed. luchan.